Spring! It’s time to get ready to paddle.

Stand Up Paddle Crew

Stand Up Paddle Crew

Spring has sprung. As we anxiously await water temperatures to rise, it’s a great time to evaluate your quiver of gear and accessories and get ready for the upcoming season of paddling. (that is, if you took the winter off).

Some questions to ask:

1.  Do I LOVE my stand up paddle board?

If the answer is anything less that a screaming “HECK YA!”  It might be a good time to start poking around and discovering all that is new a great in the SUP world.  The sport is exploding and the technology racing ahead.  Look for future posts on technology advancements, construction, and picking the RIGHT board.

2.  Do I LOVE my paddle?

The paddle is the MOST important piece of gear for you to be in love with.  It should fit you like a glove and be as comfortable as your favorite sweatshirt.  The right paddle will keep you paddling longer, reduce fatigue, and increase speed and agility on the water.  Investing in a good paddle is a good investment.  We recommend you check out some of our favorites from Kialoa and Quikblade.  Several manufacturers are also making great paddles to match their boards.  Paddles come in Wood, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Hybrid, and Carbon Fiber.  You should find a shaft that fits well in your hands and has a comfortable grip.  Blade size is also VERY important:  Too Big and you’ll be ripping out your rotator cuff, too small and you’ll have to have incredible cadence (paddling frequency) just to get anywhere.

3.  What was I missing last season?

Were there items that could have made your SUP time on and off the water more enjoyable?  From roof racks for your vehicle, secure tie down straps, a dolly to get your board to a nearby beach or racks for the dock or the garage, you’ll enjoy and probably get more time on the water or go more frequently if you eliminate the excuses.  On the water you may need a more comfortable life jacket, a hydration pack or water bottle holder, waterproof headphones, or deck bag to take your gear to secluded beaches or fishing spots.

4.  Where do I want SUP to take me?

We trust you are as stoked on SUP as we are.  Consider what you are passionate about and how SUP can fit into those activities on the water.  Fitness and Wellness:  Try a SUP Boot Camp, Crossfit, or SUPyoga class.  Speed: try a one class race night or enter a local race.  Fishing: grab a rod holder and go trolling.  Touring:  load up for a day, grab a GPS and try and track 15 miles of exploration in a day!  SURF:  SUP Surfing is a TON of fun…and you dont’ need huge waves to have a great time.  Stand Up Paddling can take you so many places, choose one path or many and keep on paddling.


Look for future articles as we explore all the avenues of Stand Up Paddling, Gear Reviews and updates, and upcoming events!








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