your adventure is waiting

…so what are you waiting for?


hit the beach

This Summer, Stand Up Paddling is sweeping across Cape Cod. Your adventure is waiting….so what are you waiting for?   We know the the players here in our own back yard.  Be sure to find instructors that will help make this the most fun thing you have ever done in your life!  There is no reason you should have to use old beat up gear that is simply out of date or an instructor that wants to rush you through a lesson just to get on to the next one.  Find someone that will take their time with you, work with you, make you feel comfortable in a comfortable environment.  Most of all, make sure your instructor is CERTIFIED and knows how to safely put you out on the water with the right gear.

A few questions to ask:

1. how long have you been paddling? are you certified by the WPA or ACA?

2.  do you offer refunds or reschedules for weather?

3.  how old is your equipment?

4. do you have a store or business location? or do you work out of your garage?

5.  do you offer multiple locations for us to choose from?

Don’t be afraid to ask about insurance, licensing, waivers, etc.  Stand Up Paddle is a sport with inherent risk of injury.  Protect yourself and work with someone that wants to ensure your safety and success.

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